Sending June peony love your way

Still totally captivated by the luscious peonies that are enjoying our cool weather. Spent the day in the studio, working on the Olympic-themed invite with the lovely and talented Sophie, my friend (and soon to be studio mate) Leah’s daughter. Middle school girls are the best – full of life and opinions.

peonies, glassy babys and a photo of my girl

love the scent of peonies

what will I do when the season’s over?

Fun & games in my sunny studio

The visiting sun and 4 students creating one-of-a-kind games made for a lovely afternoon in my studio. Not only are these women very talented, they’re also great company – two and a half hours flew by.


Birds, butterflies and lettering were Nancy’s subjects for both of her games.


An was captivated by vintage postcards and maps.


Bonnie created her games featuring Paris, collage and bright colors.


My game features a retro skeleton and garden veggies. Unfortunately Jan left before I brought out the camera. Her games were awesome as well.

This project looks deceptively difficult, but these games are easy to make and offer so many options. I’ll be teaching this class again in the fall at my new studio space. I hope you can join me!

Weekend bobbing in flotsam & jetsam

As a devotees of The Killing, my sweetheart and I scoffed at its depiction of Seattle’s weather – yes it rains here, but never THAT much. Yesterday’s 1/2 inches made me feel as though I’d been plopped down into the show’s TV- Land reality. All this precipitation keeps me inside and provides the time to download photos from my phone, set up the studio for tomorrow’s Fun & Games class and work on several projects.


 Wednesday evening photo, taken during our walk to the Sounder’s game. Don’t you love alleys?


Mock-up of invitation package for an upcoming Olympic-themed party. 


As I’ve mentioned before, I am part of an artist postcard group. Every once-in-a-while I loose my tiny mind and send out rather elaborate mailings. This month’s is inspired by very clever paper dolls of the Downtown Abbey cast. My niece sent them to her mom, who showed them to me. I re-printed all the pages onto card stock and added some more photos for the mailing labels. Now my postcard pals will have a fun activity to keep them occupied during our wet weather. 

Summer arrives with sun in tow

Everyone in Seattle (or so I would think) is pleased to see that the sun has made an appearance for the Solstice. June is not our best month weather-wise and when that giant yellow orb brightens up the landscape, we all get a bit giddy.

This week’s 52 Photo Project prompt is Summertime Colors. I took several photos, but was most taken with our Kousa dogwood. Unlike Washington’s native dogwoods (which flower, then leaf), the Kousa leafs in April and flowers in June. It’s quite spectacular.

I’m crazy about coleus as well. I have fond memories of Alabama summers at my grandma May’s and her abundant pots of coleus. It’s great to see that they’re back in fashion.

The hydrangeas are starting to bloom too. Soon the garden will be a color riot and hopefully the sun will continue to grace us with it’s warm light.

Tag, you’re it and then some

guests at the opening were encouraged to take home these lovely floral centerpieces

Coming down after a great weekend in Portland . . . California Impressionism and Ellsworth Kelly opening at the Portland Art Museum, visiting my friend Tricia Hassler’s fabulous studio/home in the Pearl . . . delicious food . . . biking 35+ miles . . . shopping at Twist and Cargo and LOTS OF SUN!

these lanterns give but a tiny peek of treasures contained within Cargo

I also had the opportunity to help with a year-end project at Sunnyside Environmental School (where my sister-in-law teaches). Making a collage composition with 1st and 2nd graders’ painted paper flora and fauna was great fun and I look forward to seeing the finished song book.

Now I’m back at in the studio – designing hang-tags for Spiderfelt and working on my own art. Lovely to get away and nice to be home, too.