Feeling like a beginner once again . . .

It’s a whole lot easier to make a collage than it is to figure out how to create a new website . . . I finally downloaded a book – WordPress to Go by Sarah McHarry, to get my act in gear. Grabbing stuff from hither and yon is usually the way I work . . . and that’s certainly NOT possible as far a computer programs are concerned . . .


I’m most definitely feeling like a beginner. Here’s a photo of our lilac which bloomed a couple of weeks ago and then all the leaves shriveled up and it died. Spent a good part of Saturday afternoon digging it out. Thanks lovely lilac for your delightful scent and delicate flowers . . . sorry you ended up in the yard waste bin. Well let’s see if this works . . . well dang, it seems to be doing ok. Now if I can just figure out the widgets.

2 thoughts on “Feeling like a beginner once again . . .

  1. Hey! I just happened to fall into your blog 🙂 And I was wondering if you could help a fellow blogger out? Anyways…I want to have the thing on the side of my blog that says Categories…but i dont know how to put it up. Thanks

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