Summer arrives with sun in tow

Everyone in Seattle (or so I would think) is pleased to see that the sun has made an appearance for the Solstice. June is not our best month weather-wise and when that giant yellow orb brightens up the landscape, we all get a bit giddy.

This week’s 52 Photo Project prompt is Summertime Colors. I took several photos, but was most taken with our Kousa dogwood. Unlike Washington’s native dogwoods (which flower, then leaf), the Kousa leafs in April and flowers in June. It’s quite spectacular.

I’m crazy about coleus as well. I have fond memories of Alabama summers at my grandma May’s and her abundant pots of coleus. It’s great to see that they’re back in fashion.

The hydrangeas are starting to bloom too. Soon the garden will be a color riot and hopefully the sun will continue to grace us with it’s warm light.

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