Where’s that path leading you now?

Week 11 – 52 Photos Project – A Different Pathway
The prompt below (in italics) got me thinking about some of the choices I’ve made and where they’ve led me. Often it’s not until long after the fact that I realize that the memory not only resides in my mind but also in a photograph. Some captured moments were big, others small – all have enriched my life.

January 2005 – The Gates at Central Park, first X-country journey just to view art

Cassis – Bastille Day, 2007, first trip to France, knew I’d be back

often it is easy for us to travel the known way.
we run on autopilot, not really thinking about 
where we are going, because it is all so familiar.
for this week, try a new way. turn left instead of right.
follow a road just to see where it leads you.
what surprises are waiting for you?

fall walk near Mt. Rainier, the day we decided to sell our house of 17 years

Giverny, Mother’s Day 2010, visiting my daughter during her jr. year in Paris

Cashiers, NC – spur-of-the-moment X-country drive with two of my favorite gal pals

rediscovering the joys of bike riding on “Betty”

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