Growing up to become biker chick

Cycle Oregon Weekend’s Sunday ride – east of Corvallis

Slowly but surely I’m once again becoming a woman who bikes. As a non-driver, biking was my main means of transportation through college in Alabama and my twenties in Oregon. Finally obtaining my driver’s license at age 29 in Maine, I immediately abandoned biking and never looked back.

wheat and grass fields abound in the heart of the Willamette Valley

Several years ago my sweet husband, Robert began to cycle in a big way and now commutes 18 miles daily to/from work along with long rides on his ‘fast bike’ on weekends. Reluctant to participate in his new found passion, having fully embraced the allure (and ease) of the automobile, I resisted until I spied a Jamis bike at the Ballard shop where Robert’s bike was in for a tune-up.

Miss Betty Blue, my oh-so-trusty steed for 70+ miles this past weekend

Her friendly blue color caught my eye and Robert coyly encouraged me to take her for a spin, knowing full well that I’d be hooked the minute I rolled her out of the shop, hopped on and whizzed down the block. It was love at first pedal and while not committing to any really LONG HILLY rides, we are researching along with my brother and his wife, bike tours in France for next summer.

snazzy crocheted biking gloves from Hub & Bespoke

The best thing about biking (besides the exercise and spending time with my most favorite people in the world) is its intimacy. Birds chirping, rustling grasses, smoothly shifting gears, clean smells (and sometimes not – skunk -) are all right there and I’m a part of it. Experiencing places that I’ve previously only glimpsed from the car’s window is such a gift.

This week’s 52 Photo Project prompt is Growth. Thanks to my man, Cycle Oregon Weekend and my lovely blue bike I’m now growing up to be a biker chick!

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