Celebrating a color “free from color”

WHITE. The first definition in Webster’s is free from color. This made me smile. Color is bad? White escaped some unknown fate? And according to empower yourself with color , white is color at its most complete and pure . . .

the pond at Versailles

In general, I’m a girl who likes color – lots of it. To me, white rooms are spaces that need paint. White clothes are potential drop clothes for spilled food. White is a blank canvas waiting to be transformed.

lampshades awaiting color at Jil Smith’s studio

Strangely, this absence of color brings back many childhood memories . . . donning white anklets and PF Flyer tennis shoes after a sun drenched day of swimming . . . cruising in my mom’s ginormous white Plymouth Fury with the magnificent tail fins . . . trudging through drifts of white snow with my brother, his boots taped to snowsuit with duct tape . . . filling white sheet rocked walls in our family garage with pencil drawings of dog bones . . . posing – my brother and I pajama clad – with our grinning dad in his rumpled white shirt in a faded Polaroid . . .

Miss Winnie Cooper in the sink

So while white IS a color free from color, there’s obviously more there than meets the eye! Thanks to Bella, creator of the 52 Photo Project for giving me this opportunity to see white in a whole new light and celebrate its quiet beauty.

calligraphy by Curtis Steiner

glimpsed on a hike near Mt. Rainier

our heart collection resides in this lovely handmade bowl, a gift from Jeanne

happy family

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