Delicate, soft, ethereal, fragile and subtle

It’s week 15 of the 52 Photos Project and the prompt is delicate. Soft, ethereal, fragile or subtle are other options. Good words to transform into photographs. The delicate pattern of my mom’s wedding china (Avon by Wedgewood) evokes memories of special occasion dinners with grandparents and family friends. However, these Bianca lilies are not subtle, their scent envelopes the house with a spicy, sweet fragrance and the white flowers make quite a statement.

Ethereal perfectly describes this wonderful sculpture at San Francisco’s de Young Museum. The hardness of the bronze and the softness of the dress so captivated me that I forgot to write down the artist’s name.

Miss Winnie Cooper is most definitely soft and leaping delicately on to and off of the mantle brings her great joy.

I think that true blue flowers are always ethereal. These morning glories seem almost too perfect to be real.

My garden is home to several lacecap hydrangeas and while they appear very fragile, these blossoms are quite hardy.

I often think of this poignant saying, “Remember me when this you see, or I will be forgotten,” when I purchase abandoned photographs and letters at flea markets and garage sales. A not-so-subtle yet ethereal phrase that I embroidered on soft linen.