August: a month full of gifts

In my family birthdays are an excuse for extended celebrations. We don’t just honor the “birth” day – we give the entire month to the birthday girl or boy. August is my birthday month (and my brother’s as well) so we’re in the throes of a “wild birthday rumpus.”

These lovely earrings are from my sister-in-law. As a collector of hands, in all shapes and forms, they are the perfect gift for me!

Another earring pix – coupled with a favorite postcard (given to me by an old friend) of Christo and Jean-Claude’s “Running Fence.” I think that all of their thought-provoking installations are visual gifts.

Beach birthday celebrations are the best. This past Saturday’s stunning weather capped off several days of delicious food, great bike rides and good times with family and friends.

August is full of gifts, both received and given. Making homemade blackberry and raspberry jam is an easy way to capture summer in a jar. Having enough to share with my pals is the perfect way to celebrate my wonderful birthday month!

10 thoughts on “August: a month full of gifts

  1. Love the jam labels! The Gifts of Summer. =) Mine are peach and blackberry, but they don’t have those adorable labels!

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