Holding on to each precious moment

“It goes so fast. We don’t have time to look at one another. I didn’t realize. So all that was going on and we never noticed!” . . . “Do any human beings ever realize life while they live it–every, every minute?”

This week’s 52 Photos Project prompt, A Moment in Life, called to mind Emily Webb’s final speech in Thorton Wilder’s classic play, Our Town. Sharing favorite photos of those nearest and dearest to me and remembering these moments allows me to hold tight to each and every one!

Biking with my sweet husband Robert is always a treat. Biking on a stunningly beautiful Seattle day . . . even more so!

My wonderful nieces Majken and Hanna and fabulous daughter Hattie cavorting in their new pjs (which they’ve received every Christmas eve for the past 20 years). 2011’s ensemble featured owls – an homage to Harry Potter – one of their favorite books. Trowser, the cousin’s Irish Terrier was not so thrilled.

My gal pals, Jeanette and Robin, cooling off in a North Carolina river during our cross-country drive.

My amazing brother, and travel buddy, J.S. enjoying the sun, good wine and more in Sonoma.

Hattie and Miss Winnie Cooper goofing in the kitchen.

Henry, our newest family member is a rescue kitten from Kitty Harbor.

Rose, a wily, endearing Irish Terrier, while no longer with us, occupies a warm spot in my heart.

Todays’s Iphone pix from Ravenna Gardens. Moments to hold in my mind (and photo stream) for sure.

8 thoughts on “Holding on to each precious moment

  1. Sweet Maude – what a lovely post and beautiful heart-felt pictures of family and friends (plus feline and frisky pets) and flowers. Whoa – that’s a whole lotta F’s!

    I love that passage from Our Town – it makes me a little verklempt!

    Thanks the sweetness and the Oscar Wilde quote – I got to stay in ‘his room’ at the Sylvia Beach hotel last month – very fun! xoxo Frances

    ps) I’m wondering if you can tweak your wordpress.com settings to include commenters that don’t have a wordpress.com account? Some of my pals on WP.com have “name/URL” as a comment option. I have to go through several hoops to publish a comment on your blog. ; 0

  2. I completely agree with the sign at the end, and it so perfectly sums up all the pictures! What wonderful moments to treasure.

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