Everything’s connected . . . one way or another

An invisible red thread connects those destined to meet, 

regardless of time, place, or circumstances. 

The thread may stretch or tangle, but never break.

Ancient Chinese Proverb

August is generally a slow month work-wise. Clients intent on soaking up the sun don’t require my invitation design services and I, too, have the opportunity to enjoy the lazy summer days . . .

. . . not so much this August – I’ve been busy as a bird dog. One job – designing invites for a dinner party is particularly challenging – I can’t mention either the honoree’s age or the fact that it’s a birthday celebration. Fortunately the restaurant’s decor affords plenty of inspiration and my collections of Chinese trinkets, papers and ephemera are finally being put to good use.

On The Street is this weeks 52 Photos Project prompt and these photos taken last October in San Francisco not only fit the bill, they also connect to my “Chinese” theme. As this was my first trip to Chinatown, hours could have been spent strolling the streets and snapping pix. My sweet traveling companions, while indulging this photo frenzy for awhile, had other plans, so a return trip is in my future . . . what a delightful destiny!

19 thoughts on “Everything’s connected . . . one way or another

  1. what great scenes you found on the street, I’m loving that shot with the red lanterns and the orange balconies. I really like the laundry soap too. excellent shots. happy week to you Maude May.

  2. I particularly like the one looking up at the hanging lanterns repeated on the balconies. quite a different perspective, and I love pictures that show things in a new way.

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