Other people’s trash . . . often a treasure

Week 23 of the 52 photos project “In the decay lies beauty.” Having just completed a huge studio sale where my stash (and trash) became others’ treasures, I find this prompt quite timely. The items people choose to sell and the prices they ask  – at flea markets, garage sales, studio sales, consignment shops or wherever, fascinate me.

“What have you done for me lately?” has become my new mantra (appropriated from my pal Leah’s father in reference to his garden’s plantings). I’m ruthless in my shedding of things and when I want them gone, I REALLY want them gone and will sell stuff for very little money (25¢ items were quite popular at my sale!). Becoming unencumbered is extremely freeing . . .

These photos were taken at the Paris Flea Market. I found French junk totally captivating and wanted to buy everything. My budget and limited suitcase space didn’t allow for many purchases and most of the items, even the very derelict ones, were expensive. All that came home were photographs.

Love the yellow bus.

Wanted these birds to fly away home with me!

Had fun with Photoshop’s oil paint filter – really “Van Goghed” up these buttons!

Was a tad shocked that this “doll” was 10 Euros! A much loved treasure at one time, it now resembles a horror movie prop.

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