There’s always something on the table

Way behind on this week’s 52photo project prompt. Last Thursday’s breakfast . . . actually on the counter ’cause the table’s always full of stuff.

Love this photo memory – dinner at the beach house  . . .  good wine, fabulous friends and family, delicious food and glassybabys . . . what could be better?

Oh, so many moments are golden

Week 26’s 52Photos Project prompt is golden . . . so many ways to go with this. I lost my tiny mind and am sharing a bunch of pix. Enjoy!

Versailles epitomizes  “golden”

Pride & Prejudice is a golden jewel for sure

Nebraska’s golden fields and summer sky

Old Cartagena is chock full of glowing golden painted buildings

Chandeliers at Lucca cast warm golden glows

An impending late afternoon storm casts a golden light

Fall bounty at the Ballard Farmer’s Market is most definitely golden

Shipboard golden Pacific sunset

Golden girls Ruby & Hanna, sparkle and shine

Orange you glad that it’s October?

Just spent a fabulous weekend in Portland. Attended the opening of The Body Beautiful at the Portland Art Museum (and had the opportunity to hear Storm Large sing), ate delicious dinners with family and friends and last (but certainly not least) took a 2-day painting class with the amazing Jill Berry. Consequently I almost missed out on this 52 Photos Project prompt – ORANGE.

dewy beauty greets early morning walkers

pumpkins at Ravenna Gardens

Under the Influence, Jill’s wonderful class, had us study four painters – Miro, Wosene Worke Kosrof, Wayne Thiebaud and Hundertwasser. We then created our own interpretations of their works. It was challenging and exciting and I’d forgotten how much I like to paint . . . Thanks Jill!