thankful for everything that is here

We’re all back home after a busy Thanksgiving holiday in Portland. The trips down and back up the slab (I-5) were relatively painless. Our kitties (Henry is pictured above) were quite content during our absence as they were well-cared for by Miss Sophie. Wonderful food, family, friends and a little shopping at some favorite local stores filled our days in the Rose City.

Rain played a BIG role in this past week’s weather. Could barely see the garden and we thought that Lake Ballard was being created at the feet of our flamingos, Della and Perry.

Today’s drive home was quick and sun-filled. Seattle’s skyline looks mighty fine, even through the windshield.  The Solumination Holiday Sale is this coming weekend – December 1 & 2 and our Spark Studio Holiday Sale the following one. Would love to see you at either venue! Tomorrow I’ll be back to work AND thankful for everything!

3 thoughts on “thankful for everything that is here

  1. Henry is such sweetness. what a cutie pie kitty. I love the rainy screen door shot. I spoke to my sister this morning and I swear, half the conversation entailed me listening to her go on about the rain. (She lives up the mountains in Mill City.) The sky shot is spectacular. Happy week to you MM.

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