December Pop-up Shop & more

It’s crazy busy here in PDX what with the upcoming (and just finished) holidays, parties, family gatherings and (most important to me at the moment) SHOWS. Four to go and then I’m finished. Whew.23172754_1580780921960699_5600731712206462794_nBe-ribboned wool felt PINCUSHIONS (they are featured on the poster), POTHOLDERS stitched from repurposed felted wool sweaters and POLAR BEAR ORNAMENTS (10% of each ornament sales goes to Polar Bear International 

2017popupartOur 4th Year! Drop by and meet our new artists, Diane and Virginia. Shop Local!

23722223_10155533927738110_2848966384253473669_nI will have 10 encaustic photo collages in the BIG 500 – all artwork is 8 x 8 inches, ready to hang and only $40!

23659311_1657659184279202_7323035400940186670_nOpening December 16 at 2pm runs through December 28 / Pioneer Place / 700 SW 5th / Portland / Next to BIG 500 / MAJOR Deals to be had at this show – I’ll be selling older encaustic collage artworks along with some stitched and embroidered  fabric collages (at a huge discount), knitting yarn & more treasures from my studio. There will be something for everyone on your list!



Trying to wash away the dust…

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” Pablo Picassofullsizeoutput_3138Today everything is HARD. Focusing on tasks that need to be completed–HARD. Anticipating tasks that need to be started–HARD. Tearing myself away from daily news about our nation’s upended political climate–EXTREMELY HARD. fullsizeoutput_3129Right now all that’s keeping me somewhat sane is making art. It isn’t required to be good, it doesn’t need to be finished – it just needs to be made. fullsizeoutput_313bEmbracing a new medium – cold wax and oil paint – has been a lifesaver. When I’m immersed in the process  “the dust of everyday life” settles and all that matters is the board, the paint, the palette knife, the color, the lines, the smell…the silence of the studio. I can breathe–anger and fear are momentarily replaced with happiness and wonder. fullsizeoutput_313d It’s only temporary, but it’s enough – a brief pause to recharge my soul before I’m once again covered and ready to deal with life’s dust. img_1583Engaging in my life-long practice of embroidery, by creating original samplers is soothing and joyful as well.

Sew Happy Pincushion pattern


Been working on this (along with encaustics and more) for the last month. This nine page pattern comes in a resealable ziplock bag and contains the following: 10.5 inches of woven ribbon, materials list, pattern pieces, stitch tutorial, color photos with written instructions and resource list. Cost is $10 (includes shipping). You choose your ribbon. Email me at as I’m in the process of setting up a shop and the patterns are available now. Check/cash, credit card orders OK too, (credit card pattern cost is $10.50). Here’s to Happy Sewing friends!


Renaissance® Ribbons are woven and artist-designed. (From top-to-bottom): Purple/green leaves, Happy houses, Autumn color, Summer flowers, Orange slices and Morning glories. These ribbons come with blue painters tape on the cut ends (to prevent unraveling).


Midori® Ribbons are these are double-sided! (From top-to-bottom): red/black, spring green/white, purple/white, orange/white. These ribbons come with blue painters tape on the cut ends (to prevent unraveling).


One of the many color photos included with the written instructions. This pattern is easy to follow and you’ll learn several useful embroidery stitches, too! I’ve taught children as young as 6 and adults as well. Once you’ve made one Sew Happy Pincushion® you’ll be hooked!



Just finished “Being Alive”

So loving the cooler fall weather! The garden, while still calling to me, doesn’t need constant watering and I now have the luxury to spend six-to-seven hours working in the studio. Seems like I’ve been stitching (on and off) this piece forever (or at least a good part of the summer).


The animal fabric is by Julie Paschkis, who’s work always makes me smile. The feather fabric was the inspiration for my newest tattoo (I think it’s part of Kaffe Fassett’s recent range). Marcia Derse created the dot fabric – I met her recently at Quilt/Knit/Stitch – love her work! Searching the web for great quotations is an on-going obsession and I’m particularly fond of these words by Frederic Buechner. Such bright words called for sparkly beads, don’t cha’ think? Ironing and shadow box framing will come next and then this work will be for sale in the SHOP.


Henry was impressed with all my stitching until he saw a bird . . .


Lots of little stitches . . .


. . . and glass beads!


Needless-to-say, this is the ONLY time you’ll see the back!

Delicate, soft, ethereal, fragile and subtle

It’s week 15 of the 52 Photos Project and the prompt is delicate. Soft, ethereal, fragile or subtle are other options. Good words to transform into photographs. The delicate pattern of my mom’s wedding china (Avon by Wedgewood) evokes memories of special occasion dinners with grandparents and family friends. However, these Bianca lilies are not subtle, their scent envelopes the house with a spicy, sweet fragrance and the white flowers make quite a statement.

Ethereal perfectly describes this wonderful sculpture at San Francisco’s de Young Museum. The hardness of the bronze and the softness of the dress so captivated me that I forgot to write down the artist’s name.

Miss Winnie Cooper is most definitely soft and leaping delicately on to and off of the mantle brings her great joy.

I think that true blue flowers are always ethereal. These morning glories seem almost too perfect to be real.

My garden is home to several lacecap hydrangeas and while they appear very fragile, these blossoms are quite hardy.

I often think of this poignant saying, “Remember me when this you see, or I will be forgotten,” when I purchase abandoned photographs and letters at flea markets and garage sales. A not-so-subtle yet ethereal phrase that I embroidered on soft linen.

Roll on happy circles, roll on

bowling balls line artist Jil Smith’s walkway

If you know me, you know I LOVE dots. Full dots, empty dots, circles in any size, shape or form. So this weeks’s 52 Photo Project prompt – CIRCLES – sure does float my boat! has many definitions for circle, here are the first five.

cir•cle [sur-kuhl], noun, verb     1. a closed plane curve consisting of all points at a given distance from a point within it called the center. Equation: x2 + y2 = r2.     2. the portion of a plane bounded by such a curve.     3. any circular or ringlike object, formation, or arrangement: a circle of dancers.     4. a ring, circlet, or crown.     5. the ring of a circle.

silk embroidery on linen, think I need to add French knots

Needless-to-say (at least in my humble opinion) these do not do the circle justice! Very dry explanations for an amazingly fabulous shape.

painted balls at Earthues

My favorite thing about circles, dots, ovals, anything round in fact, is that they appear to have no beginning or end. They are constantly continuing . . . rolling on and on.

jetsam from the beach at Manzanita

Circles are happy shapes; they invite touch and stir memories – of the sun, familiar faces, delicious fruits, bouncing balls and much more. All that round goodness in a closed plane curve consisting of all points at a given distance from a point within it called the center.

Valentine treat from Cupcake Royale on my favorite plate

isn’t this sewer cover fun?